The Way The World Ends


The Way The World Ended

by Nixodemus1

This comic... is bad. I made everything up as I went along, I got SO LAZY with my art and you can tell, I did this entire thing on notebook paper and you can see the lines and the bad scans. friends at one point or another while looking at the physical copy drew on it, which is why there are notes and weird drawings on the sides. Its just not a good comic. Yet... its important to me. This is the first comic I have ever finished till completion. If you know me, you know I have a problem finishing what I start. And I am so proud that I actually saw this through to the end. I'm also a little proud of some of the jokes I made and some of the pictures aren't half bad, even if most of them are trash.


I now have this weird love hate relationship with this comic. Its still my baby, even if I am disappointed in it most of the time. I still care deeply about it, even tho I (rightfully) bash on it. This comic has been some of the most fun I've ever had, while also being some of the most stressful things I have ever done. This comic has been all over the place but has been a reflection of my thoughts and life. Now that its over, I... really don't know what to feel. I feel relieved, and satisfied and disappointed, and kinda sad to see it go. Its this dumb thing I started 6 years ago that has been a big part of my life.


And I hope you enjoyed reading it. I hope it brought you joy. I hope you either loved it for the story, or maybe you liked seeing this thing train wreck. Maybe you liked making fun of how bad it is and you like it ironically, or you legitimately see some good in it and appreciate it. Either way, I hope you loved reading my dumb comic, and I want to thank you for reading it, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you. This wouldn't have been as fun without you reading it.


As for whats going to happen now, The comic will get one more update: its going to be an epilogue that just wraps things up in the story. After that I will make the game. If you somehow have managed to avoid hearing about the game till now, this video should explain it.


I've been working hard on the game and making progress. I should have a new update up for that soon. on the comic end of things, after the epilogue, I'm handing over the TWTWE universe to 2 very good and talented friends of mine. They get to tell their own stories within this universe and have fun carving out a path from the train wreck I left behind, and I cant wait to see what stories they tell. Hell, I might still being around making side stories within the TWTWE universe. I'm only keeping my hands off the main line of comics. So its not goodbye just, I'll see you again.


Its been a wild 6 years, and im so glad i got to spend them telling this story with all of you. Hope to see you again soon enough.



Caught up!

by Nixodemus1

So today marks the first day comic fury was officially caught up with the main site. from now on you can view the comic (UP TO DATE) from both sites. I'm happy that i actually made it this far. So now both sites will be updated at the same time with book 3. ^^ Thank you for sticking it out with me this far.